An undertaking of this magnitude would never have been possible without help from the great KISS Community. Most of the inspiration has come from discussions on the KISS FAQ forums where several users are almost frighteningly into Gene's basses. The many threads there that have dealt with obscure details have led me down many dark paths but usually there's been a nugget or two in each heated argument that has led to some new info. Some of the threads at Talk Bass have also been insightful (and entertaining).

A great "thank you" to Swordandstone, Fasterpdiddy and Demonfan68 who managed to either find upon request or just randomly post a lot of excellent pics that helped clear up some issues along the way. Swordandstone especially has been able to dig up pics on request that have made this entire site more datiled. Special thanks to C for tossing some ideas around and for his undying enthusiasm for Spector#2. And the Punisher section wouldn't even have a leg to stand on without the excellent info provided by Dude With Stuff (although he's not even a KISS fan).

Thanks to KISS FAQ for running its forum, providing some great information, and the scan of the Unmasked merchandise form.

Technical info such as production years and production numbers of the Gibson basses come courtsey of the excellent site

Video clips for the site are all from my personal collection and I've tried to trim (and watermark) them to make my point. I'm sure there are more clips out there that might shed light on some things and any and all clues are welcome. Pics are always welcome so if someone has some pics that are pertinent to this research (and don't mind sharing) don't hesitate to contact me.