This site is in serious need of a revamp. Even for the previously "finished" sections there is a lot of new information that I need to add. Alas, in order to do that I need to re-do the entire site from stratch. The web editor I used to create this site is originally from 2003, is seriously limited and doesn't support, well, anything really. I've started working on a complete re-vamp and some links are for sections with the new design (and some additional information not previously on this site). This new design is adaptable and can more easily be read on smaller devices like mobile phones. That adaptability does come with a minor cost and that's image size. For some resolutions the entire image won't show up on first glance. If you feel that a detail I mention in the text isn't visible on the accompanying image just right-click it and open it in a new tab. 

The main issue with the old version of the site is that a lot of the links seem dead when you click them. Like this. The image is still there though, you just have to add the image file suffix .jpg to the link shown in the address bar. If a page doesn't show up properly, add .html to the link shown and it will show up. It's a cumbersome workaround but until I make it through my "do-over", that's the only way it will work. Unfortunately, the majority of the links are still to the old version of the site.



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